A Stylish and Sleek Flush Plate for your Bathroom

The Flush Plate can also serve as a sleek, stylish bathroom fitting, despite its small size. In addition to making your bathroom design look modern, flush plates can alienate toilet levers or handles and even complement your decor!

What are Flush Plates?
Flush Plates are fixtures that allows you to activate the flush of a wall-hung toilet by pressing down on them. When you press the button, the water in your toilet flushing system is released.

Does Every Flush Plate Fit Every Cistern?
Make sure your wall-hung toilet and concealed cistern are compatible with your flush plate. It is important to determine whether the flush plate will work with your toilet since flush plates aren’t universal. Additionally, the manufacturer of your toilet will offer the correct selection of additional flush plates to make your decision even easier.

Ölind Design Flush Plate
offers a wide selection of dual flush plates in numerous designs. There are a variety of designs, from circles and elongated buttons to square boxed buttons. Additionally, this range comes in matte black, chrome, brushed gold, and brushed nickel finishes.

Modern flush plates add a stylish touch to your bathroom decor, even though they are the smallest of fittings. 


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