Ölind Design Bathtub Collection

A luxurious bathtub, the Ölind Design Bathtub is one of our most popular options. Because it’s a freestanding tub, you can place it wherever you like. It’s time to get rid of that small bathtub tucked in a corner. Having your contractor run the plumbing to wherever you plan to place your freestanding tub will make it the focal point of your bathroom.

Make your bathtub look spa-like.
Self-care is crucial, there is no doubt about it. The cost of spa treatments is well known to all of us. If you feel overworked and stressed, you don’t need to go to the spa.

In your own home, you can create a spa-like environment. White bathtubs, essential oils, indoor plants, and pendant lighting create a spa-like environment. Soak in a thick layer of comfort with some refreshing bath bombs.

A Minimalistic Approach
As a style, minimalism is pleasing to the eye. As a result, it is an excellent interior design style for a bathroom. A minimalistic bathtub design is ideal if you want your bathroom to contain only a few essential elements and a sophisticated bathtub.

Tub Ideas for Bathrooms With a View
Having a pleasant view from your living room and bedrooms is normal, but you can also enjoy a dip while taking in the view outside. Whether the view is a city skyline, cliff peaks, crystal blue waters, woods, or desert panoramas, there is something about relishing the gorgeous views outside while relaxing in a tub of warm water. Your personal oasis will certainly captivate you with a stunning bathroom and a fantastic view.

Bathtub and Shower in the bathroom
Are you looking for small bathroom ideas with a bathtub? This is what you need if you have limited square footage and a limited budget. If you like both bubble baths and a steamy shower in your bathtub, consider one of the bathroom designs that combine tub and shower. Small bathroom designs with a bathtub and shower combo are quite popular and can serve more than one purpose.

Small Bathroom Oval Bathtub Ideas
No worries if you have a small bathroom and still crave a modern bathroom with a bathtub. If your bathroom space is limited and narrow, then you need a design that fits the small bathroom size. There are many ideas for oval-shaped bathtubs that can help both to fit in and make a space look attractive.

Warm colors make the bathroom more inviting.
Your Bathroom no longer needs to be painted with clinical colors. Warm hues are in vogue right now. Your bathroom will look cozy if you use colors like champagne and beige. Add some contrast to the sinks, faucets, and bathtub by adding touches of gold and silver.

What is the ideal size for a bathroom with a tub?
Designing a successful bathroom layout requires thoughtful consideration and excitement. Assessment, planning, and an efficient layout is necessary. A proper structure layout plan is essential for knowing the required budget, hiring designers and contractors, and purchasing the necessary elements and fittings.

What is the best bathtub for my bathroom?
Bathtubs come in varying shapes, styles, and sizes, depending on the theme and open space in your bathroom. So you should calculate the amount of open space in your bathroom and then choose a bathtub size.

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