Wall-Hung Toilets: A Complete Guide

Wall-hung toilets are becoming increasingly popular, and the unusual ‘floating’ aspect they provide is a terrific way to make your bathroom more unique. These toilets have numerous advantages over traditional toilets, which we will go over in detail. However, before you run out and purchase one, there are several factors to consider.


  • Wall Hung Toilet Benefits
  • How Do Wall Hung Toilets Work?
  • Wall Hung Toilet Height
  • Wall Hung Toilet Weight Limits

Wall Hung Toilets: What Are The Main Advantages?

Easy to Clean
One of the main advantages of wall-mounted toilets is that the floating design makes it extremely easy to clean both the toilet and the surrounding space. The stylish design is also free from holes and small crevices, so you won’t have to spend time poking around dust, mud and dirt. The issue of sealant yellowing is also eliminated by the lack of floor contact, keeping your bathroom looking newer for longer.

Wall-hung Toilets Save Space.
If you’re setting up a bathroom that’s relatively small, a wall-hung toilet is a great way to save space. The lack of a large cistern allows it to be positioned adjacent to other bathroom equipment, and the flooring that is visible from underneath gives the impression that the space is larger. That said, you will need to respond for the hidden tank, but with a bit of strategic planning, this can easily be done. That said, you will need to cater for the concealed cistern however, with a little strategic planning, this can easily be done.

How Does A Wall-hung Toilet Work?
They work like any other, it’s just that the basic components are slightly rearranged. The cistern is held in a metal frame inside the wall rather than being attached to the top of the pan. The cistern pipes are still connected to the pan, but they do so through a gap that is concealed by the wall-mounting of the pan.

How High Should a Wall Hung Toilet Be?
The height of wall-hung toilets can be adjusted. Your wall-hung toilet doesn’t need to be installed at a set height, but it should be high enough for you and the other users to be comfortable.

To help them decide how to hang their wall-hung toilet, some people will occasionally measure the height of their current toilet (if it is comfortable).

Can Wall Hung Toilets Hold Weight?
Wall-hung toilets may appear stylish and elegant, but they are exceptionally strong when it comes to supporting weight. A frame that has been properly installed should be capable of easily supporting 200 kg on average.

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