Various Types of Bathroom Mirror

Along with the basin, shower, and bath, mirror is one of the most essential items in a bathroom. A bathroom is incomplete without a mirror. It has various purpose than one think. It can make your bathroom space appear bigger with proper lighting and help you look good before starting the day.

Let’s go through the some of the types of bathroom mirrors that you can select when buying one:

LED Mirrors with Backlighting
Also known as Illuminated Mirror, is one of the most popular in the market. Produces a soft but sufficient light that allows one to shave, apply make-up, or do anything that requires a well-lit reflection. Your needs will be met by the backlit mirrors with their delicate yet sufficient lighting. Another factor is that most of this type of mirror uses LED Bulb which means its energy efficient. You can have your dream mirror without breaking your bank with electric bills. The mirror can be turned off by the touch button when it is not in use, which is a convenient and easy feature.

Shaving Socket Mirrors
If you are after a multi-function mirror, mirrors with shaving sockets may be just what you need. Bathroom mirrors with shaving sockets feature a smart integrated socket, allowing you to charge your shaver or even a toothbrush. It is essential that all sockets meet safety standard and this is especially true in a wet environment like a bathroom.

Heated Demister Mirrors
It is all too common for individuals to exit the restroom and then conclude that the mirror is no longer usable owing to dampness. Demister mirrors are one practical answer to this common problem. A thin demisting heat pad is placed to the rear of the mirror to prevent moisture and condensation.

Bathroom Mirror with Shelves or Cabinet

Having cabinet-combined mirror is one of the most practical decision when getting a mirror especially if you don’t want your things lying around the vanity table. Keeps the space clean and presentable. If your bathroom don’t have the luxury space, one can consider the mirror with shelving built-in. Having a little space for small things like toothbrush and toothpaste or hand soap could make a difference in the bathroom.

Wall Mirror
The most basic and budget friendly mirror option for the bathroom is the one that doesn’t come with lightings or sockets and cabinets. Wall mirror comes in different sizes depending on the size requirement in the bathroom. Wall Mirrors are easy to install, can be glued to the wall or hang with back panel. You can’t really go wrong with Wall Mirror.


No matter what type of mirror you decide for your bathroom, at TuCasa Dubai we sure aim to provide you that suits your needs.

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