The Significance of Using Quality Basin Mixers in Your Bathroom

The Significance of Using Quality Basin Mixers in Your Bathroom

With wide range of basin mixers available in the market, selecting the right one for your bathroom can be a challenging task. You have to find taps that are not just stylish but also functional and practical.  Many faucets may look the same outside, but the mechanics and structure inside can mean having a product that will lasts for many years to come or not.

Good-quality faucets are typically made of brass or stainless steel on PVD finish or water plating coating, which tend to be the most durable. When you’re out shopping for a new mixer, also take care in noticing a difference in weight, as lighter faucets tend to be lower quality, so look for something that has a little more weight to it.

Selecting a dependable valve is essential for regulating water flow and temperature. A cartridge valve tends to be the most expensive but also one of the most sustainable on daily use. Also, make sure that the aerator provides consistent water flow, so you don’t get that annoying splash when the water hits the bottom. Good choice of honeycomb filter helps the nozzle to prevent from clogging and save water.

At Tucasa Dubai, we aim to provide a high-quality, lead-free solid brass with a high copper content materials. Our Ölind collections are tested and reliable and it’s ideal in comes to fulfilling the specifications of a quality bathroom mixers.

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